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“Our mission is to help give your life the Direction, Fulfillment and Happiness you’ve always wanted.”
~Cassandra A. Thompson, Owner/Founder




J&J Consulting Associates help eliminate your worry and fear by empowering you to take control of your life. Plan your life to suit your future with the assistance of J&J Consultants.

Our Services

J&J Consultants will prepare you for interviews, address immediate needs, coach you in conflict resolution, help you overcome barriers to success, and set you on your next career path.

By working with J&J Consultants, you’ll get the benefit of Human Resource Insider Tips on successfully navigating the application and recruitment process of both Federal and Civilian employment. Learn the “Rules of Engagement” for career opportunities and create strategic plans and actions necessary to attain education and training needs. J&J Consultants is dedicated to helping you achieve your dreams!

  • Resume Writing & Interview Coaching

    J&J Consultants will help to customize your resume, guide & prepare you through the interview process. Learn More

  • Career Coaching

    Our creative process will guide you to your professional potential. Learn More

  • Life Empowerment

    J&J consultants will coach you on life challenges, goal and priorities. Learn More

  • Speeches & Workshops for Businesses

    Business Organizations, Speaking Engagements & Conferences Attendance Learn More


  • “Encouraging and positive thoughts for each day that gets me through the day! Great community information shared around surrounding areas keep up the Good work!”
    Faith Hammonds

  • “J&J Consulting Associates, LLC is by far superb in their field of expertise!! I would recommend their services to anyone!”

    -Judith RmPm Mosby

  • “This is a great company to connect with if you are looking to retrain your thinking, enhance your life skills, and take your career to the next level.”

    -Tish Bragg LaCroix

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